My name is Mirza Nurman Syarieff and I’m a photographer based in Bali, Indonesia. My interest for photography started when I was in the high school. I love to capture moments, because I realized that every moment is precious – you can’t rewind even only one second of your life. I love to take pictures. It never ends. My brain takes snapshots everywhere I go and because of this, I have a very keen photographic memory. My passion is lifestyle, product, fashion and food photography. Since moved pictures became more relevant, I improved my videography skills and so this sphere became also a part of my repertoire.

During my career I’ve already got the chance to work with well known companies, such as Bragi, Protest, Deus Ex Machina or YAK Magazine. I love challenges and to surprise my clients with the results in a positive way. This gives me motivation to constantly broaden my skill set.

I’m happy to get your inquiry and hopefully make you a satisfied client.